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Essential Oils
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DIY Essential Oil Beauty Products: 5 Easy Recipes You Can Make at Home!

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Essential oils are potent and versatile gifts from Mother Nature, filled with aromatic and therapeutic benefits. Extracted from the essence of various plants, they've been used throughout history for an array of purposes—from enhancing spiritual practices to promoting physical well-being. In recent years, however, these precious oils have found a new playground to conquer—the beauty industry.

DIY essential oil beauty products on marble table

With their unique properties, essential oils have the power to revamp your beauty regimen, substituting synthetic ingredients with natural alternatives, offering customized solutions, and transforming your routine into a sensory experience. They're the magic potions of beauty care, rejuvenating your skin, revitalizing your hair, and invigorating your senses, all while respecting your body's natural balance.

In this post, we will navigate through the wonderful world of DIY beauty products, revealing how you can incorporate essential oils into your routine. We'll provide you with easy-to-follow, effective recipes that you can concoct right in your kitchen. So, let's embark on this aromatic journey to natural beauty!

1. Lavender Essential Oil Face Mist

Lavender essential oil face mist top view

Lavender, the queen of essential oils, is renowned for its calming, soothing properties. Not only does it relax the mind, but it also has profound effects on skin health. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties can soothe skin irritation and prevent breakouts, making it a staple in many beauty products. Here, we'll use this aromatic gem to create a hydrating face mist that can refresh your skin throughout the day.


Mix the ingredients in a glass spray bottle, ensuring you shake well before each use. Spray the mist onto your face whenever your skin needs a hydrating boost, avoiding the eye area. The lavender will help calm the skin, while witch hazel acts as a gentle astringent to tighten pores. Remember to store it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

2. Peppermint Lip Balm

DIY Peppermint lip balm in tube and tins

Peppermint essential oil, with its distinctive fresh and minty aroma, offers a cooling sensation that can soothe dry or chapped lips. Rich in nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids, it's an excellent ingredient for a homemade lip balm. Coupled with the hydrating power of shea butter and the protective quality of beeswax, this DIY lip balm recipe can keep your lips soft and moisturized, while providing a refreshing tingle.


In a double boiler, melt the beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil, stirring occasionally. Once fully melted, remove from heat and stir in the peppermint essential oil. Pour the mixture into empty lip balm tubes or small tins before it starts to solidify, then allow it to cool completely.

3. Lemon Essential Oil Body Scrub

Lemon essential oil is a natural detoxifier with a bright, uplifting scent that makes it a delight to incorporate into your beauty routine. The citric acid in lemon oil can help exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, and leave your skin feeling fresh and invigorated. We'll pair it with sugar, a natural exfoliant, and olive oil, a fantastic moisturizer, to create a rejuvenating body scrub.


Combine the sugar, olive oil, and lemon essential oil in a bowl, mixing until you achieve a slush-like consistency. Store the scrub in a glass airtight container. During your shower, apply the scrub to your body, massaging in a circular motion, then rinse off. Use this scrub 1-2 times per week for radiant, smooth skin. Remember to avoid using on freshly shaved skin as the lemon oil can cause stinging. Caution should also be used before being exposed to sunlight as lemon essential oil can cause photosensitivity.

4. Tea Tree Oil Acne Gel

DIY Tea Tree Acne Gel on Table

Tea tree oil, extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant native to Australia, is known for its potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it an excellent natural treatment for acne. Combined with aloe vera, which is renowned for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, this DIY acne gel can help calm irritated skin and fight breakouts.


In a small bowl, mix the aloe vera gel and tea tree oil until well combined. Apply a thin layer of this gel to clean skin, focusing on affected areas. You can use this twice a day, but remember to apply sunscreen if you plan to go outside as some components in tea tree oil can increase your skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Store your completed gel in an amber or cobalt glass jar to protect it from harmful UV rays.

5. Rosemary Oil Hair Mask

DIY Rosemary Essential Oil Hair Mask

Rosemary essential oil is a potent tonic for our tresses. Known to stimulate hair follicles and promote blood circulation, it can encourage hair growth and thickness. Paired with the deep moisturizing power of coconut oil, this DIY hair mask is a potent remedy for dry, thin, or lackluster hair.


Slightly warm the coconut oil and mix it with the rosemary essential oil. Apply this mask generously to your scalp and through the lengths of your hair. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual.

Where to Buy Essential Oils

Matrix Aromatherapy Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil Bottle Front View

If you are looking for high quality, certified organic essential oils, consider checking out our shop page. All of our essential oils and blends are USDA Certified organic, GC/MS tested, and Non GMO. Shop today to experience the benefits of these essential oils for yourself!

Final Thoughts

Creating your own DIY beauty products with essential oils is not just a step towards a more natural, chemical-free lifestyle; it is also a journey of self-discovery, allowing you to understand your skin and hair better. By customizing your beauty products, you're not only treating your skin and hair to pure, wholesome goodness, but you're also creating a beauty routine that's uniquely yours.

Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated and should always be used with caution. Conduct a patch test on your skin before using any new oil, and always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil before applying them to your skin. If you're pregnant, nursing, or have underlying health conditions, consult your healthcare provider before using essential oils.

Delve into the world of essential oils and revel in the natural beauty that you are. Here's to the start of an aromatic, holistic journey towards wellness and beauty!



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