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Discover the Sacred Arrow Lava Bracelet, where spiritual symbolism meets the grounding forces of nature. This distinctive bracelet is more than just a fashion statement; it's a powerful totem crafted to provide strength and direction in your daily journey.


The bracelet features a band of natural lava stones, revered for their connection to the core of the Earth. Their porous texture not only provides an organic, rugged aesthetic but also serves a functional purpose as a personal diffuser for essential oils, promoting a sense of well-being through aromatherapy.


At the center, a metal arrow charm takes pride of place, its pointed design symbolizing focus and resilience. The arrow serves as a reminder to stay on course and move forward with purpose, even when the path ahead is uncertain.


The adjustable sliding knot closure is crafted with durable, black cord, ensuring that the bracelet can be comfortably worn by anyone, regardless of wrist size. The combination of the lava stones and the symbolic arrow makes this bracelet a meaningful gift for anyone seeking guidance, protection, and a stronger connection to their inner compass.


*Note: Only use essential oils that are safe for topical application

Sacred Arrow Diffuser Bracelet

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