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Embrace the fiery spirit and earthy essence with this exquisite Red Tiger's Eye and Lava stone bracelet. This powerful piece marries the deep, warm tones of Red Tiger's Eye with the raw, natural texture of Lava stone beads, creating a look that is both rugged and refined.


The Red Tiger's Eye beads glimmer with a captivating sheen, displaying bands of rich red and dark brown that shift in the light, echoing the watchful eyes of the majestic tiger. Revered for its association with motivation, protection, and confidence, Red Tiger's Eye is believed to enhance focus and resilience.


Complementing the Tiger's Eye are the Lava stone beads, known for their grounding qualities and strength. They stand as a symbol of rebirth and the shedding of unneeded layers of emotional attachment. These porous beads are also perfect for diffusing essential oils, making the bracelet a personal aromatherapy accessory.


Adding to the allure, the bracelet is accentuated with a series of ornate silver-toned spacers, giving it an elegant finish. Designed with a stretchable cord for a flexible fit, this bracelet caters to most wrist sizes, ensuring comfort without sacrificing style.


*Note: Only use essential oils that are safe for topical application

Red Tiger's Eye + Lava Diffuser Bracelet