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This delightful bracelet is a celebration of color and texture, featuring a spectrum of multicolored frosted glass beads paired with the natural ruggedness of Lava stone. The frosted glass beads shimmer in a pastel rainbow, presenting a playful array of soft pinks, tranquil blues, mellow yellows, and serene greens, each bead transitioning seamlessly to the next.


The central focus of this piece is the singular Lava stone bead, its porous surface and organic texture providing an intriguing contrast to the smooth glass. This Lava bead can serve as a personal diffuser for essential oils, marrying aromatherapy with fashion.


Strung on a durable elastic cord, the bracelet is designed to fit comfortably on most wrists, making it easy to wear and remove. The inclusion of a singular, embellished silver-toned bead adds a touch of glamour, making this bracelet ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions.


*Note: Only use essential oils that are safe for topical application

Cotton Candy Diffuser Bracelet


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