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24 pack of high quality refill pads for all mini size AromaLocket necklaces

These refill pads are highly absorbent and allow you to experience your favorite scents and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy wherever you go. Simply place a pad in your locket, apply a few drops of oil, close the locket, and go.

When the scent begins to wear off, just add a few more drops of oil until the desired scent is achieved. Each pad can be re-used multiple times. 

We recommend changing pads anytime you change scents or when the pad begins to lose absorbency.

Diameter: Approximately 1/2” (0.5”) (12.7mm)
Thickness: Approximately 1/8” (0.15”) (3mm)

Mini Diffuser Locket Refill Pads - Multicolor

  • Works With

    AromaLocket mini diffuser necklaces

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