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This wood bead and Lava stone bracelet is the epitome of natural simplicity and rustic charm. Crafted with care, it features smoothly polished wooden beads in a warm, natural tone that exudes an earthy vibe. These wooden elements are complemented by the stark, rugged texture of black Lava stone beads, creating an intriguing contrast that is both visually appealing and tactile.


The wooden beads are light and comfortable, perfect for everyday wear, while the Lava stones add a unique touch with their porous surface, which can hold a drop of essential oil to serve as a personal diffuser throughout the day.


The bracelet is designed with versatility in mind, easily transitioning from casual daytime wear to an elegant evening accessory. It is strung on a durable elastic cord, providing a comfortable fit for most wrist sizes and ensuring ease of wear.


*Note: Only use essential oils that are safe for topical application

Wood Beads + Lava Diffuser Bracelet


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