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This bracelet is a tribute to the palette of our planet, from the rich soil beneath our feet to the varied landscapes that stretch towards the horizon. This adjustable bracelet captures the essence of Earth's beauty through a series of carefully selected stones, each resonating with the colors of nature.


The bracelet begins and ends with natural Lava stone beads, their porous surface and deep black color reminiscent of volcanic rock formations. Known for their grounding properties, these beads connect the wearer to the stabilizing energies of the earth, and they double as personal diffusers for essential oils, allowing for a touch of aromatherapy on the go.


In between, a gradient of earth-toned beads unfolds. From the creamy whites and grays that echo ancient marbles and pebbles, to the browns and ambers that mirror the shades of autumn forests and desert sands, to the greens that recall the hues of dense foliage and mossy stones, this bracelet is a celebration of natural diversity.


Each bead is strung on a durable black cord, which is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for any wrist size. The sliding knot design offers both comfort and convenience, making it easy to put on and take off.


*Note: Only use essential oils that are safe for topical application

5mm Earth Diffuser Bracelet

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