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5ml cobalt glass roller bottles are an excellent way to apply essential oils, massage oils, perfumes, and even insect repellents directly to the skin.

While a few essential oils can be applied directly to the skin, it is generally recommended to dilute essential oils when applying topically. 

Follow all safety guidelines for any oil being used for topical application.

Once you have decided what blend to use, simply fill the bottle with your mixture and press in the roller-ball cap insert. When ready to use, remove the screw-on cap and rub the roller-ball against your skin to apply a thin layer of the liquid inside.

Because the roller-ball has a small gap to allow liquid to spread onto the ball as it is used, it is recommended that the bottles be stored in an upright position with the cap securely in place to prevent any leakage.

Cobalt blue and amber glass bottles are preferred because they are able to block harmful UV lights which are damaging to the oils.

A 5ml (1/6 oz) glass bottle holds approximately 100 to 125 drops of essential oil on average, but will vary depending on thickness of the oil.

Includes 4 blue glass bottles with metal roller

5ml Cobalt Glass Roller Bottles

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